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Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors

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We are Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors and we proudly serve Pittsburgh, PA. We are experts at creating modern, long lasting Retaining Walls, including brick walls, stone walls, wooden walls, concrete walls or any other type of wall used to structure your landscape. We also provide other mason services.

Call our pittsburgh retaining wall contractor office at (412) 545-6440 to schedule a free estimate. We’ll come to your house, help you plan the retaining wall project and discuss pricing.

We use high quality, long lasting materials to construct our pittsburgh retaining walls to provide a clean, modern look and lasts for years. Our Retaining Walls contractors in Pittsburgh are licenced and insured and have years of experience doing high quality Retaining Walls projects for commercial and industrial companies and residential clients. 

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Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors build retaining walls that combine form and purpose. Particularly on hills, like the areas around Pittsburgh PA, or in places where plants can’t grow, retaining walls can hold back the soil behind them, helping to avoid erosion and adding soil rich environments for plants or gardens. For steep terrain, also common to Pittsburgh, retaining walls are also utilized to level up the ground and make it usable for things like driveways and different types of fields for utility or sports.

Additionally, our retaining wall installers in Pittsburgh can improve landscape design using retaining walls. For instance, our retaining wall installers can also design retaining walls to create various topography elevations or levels in a garden to improve the aesthetic.

As opposed to the walls that support a building or other structures, retaining walls are different. Retaining walls are intended to sustain horizontal loads, whereas the walls of a house or an apartment complex are made to support vertical loads like roofs and ceilings. Because of this, the engineering and design of a retaining wall are different from those of a building’s wall.

Although the materials used to construct retaining walls and other types of walls share some similarities, some materials are better suited for use with retaining walls. We work with all types of materials and can construct any type of wall that you need for your project.a

Our Retaining Walls

Here are just a few commonly requested types of retaining wall installation in Pittsburgh PA. If you have a question or ideas using different materials, chances are that we can do it. Give us a call and let's discuss your project

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Our 5 star, local Retaining Wall team

We are a 5 star retaining wall contractor in Pittsburgh have created hundreds of projects all over the city of Pittsburgh over the years. Our favorite projects consist of Retaining Walls, stone walls, brick walls, wooden walls, stone walkways, stone steps and concrete construction.


Our passion is giving our clients the satisfaction they deserve. We are proud to server Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. Give us a call at (412) 545-6440 and schedule a free Retaining Walls estimate today.

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