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Stone Retaining Wall Contractors Pittsburgh PA

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Most of the natural stone retaining walls in Pittsburgh PA that Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors build are frequently constructed for aesthetic reasons, but they also serve a functional purpose by preventing erosion in a landscaped area. There are many different kinds of material options, including sandstone, granite, and limestone. Stone retaining walls can be built by our Pittsburgh stone retaining wall contractors, with or without mortar, depending instead on the friction and weight of the stacked stones to hold them in place. Natural stone retaining walls are frequently used to define property boundaries, enclose flowerbeds, and divide spaces in a yard. Where the stone was mined affects its size and color, however the majority of the stones utilized are earthy tones that range from dusty white to reddish brown.


There are several stone retaining walls still standing today that were built well over a century ago in Pittsburgh since natural stone retaining walls can remain for a hundred years or longer when built properly. This wall system frequently adds yard levels to an outdoor space in contemporary landscape design, giving a property a polished, almost manicured appearance. These stone retaining walls are frequently utilized on land that is inclined to slope in order to fulfill two needs. The addition of natural stone retaining walls will give a house on an elevated lot a terraced appearance and prevent erosion in addition to serving other practical purposes.
stone retaining walls pittsburgh pa

Stone retaining walls in Pittsburgh PA are commonly constructed for aesthetic reasons, but they also serve a functional purpose by preventing erosion in a landscaped area.

Depending on the wall’s design, a variety of quarried rocks are utilized by the stone retaining wall contractors to build the walls. For retaining walls, our stone retaining wall contractors Pittsburgh PA frequently use granite and limestone; granite is heavier and frequently has a reddish tint, whilst limestone is lighter in color and weight. Earthy sandstone is another common material used for stone retaining walls, and due to its gritty texture and streaked look, marble is frequently used.

The landscaping requirements and the kind of property on which the wall is constructed typically determine the form and shape of a stone retaining wall. This wall can be constructed at various heights to protect property or provide seclusion. It can also be utilized for more aesthetically pleasing purposes, such as lining a driveway, displaying a flowerbed, or serving as a seat under a beloved tree.

This style of retaining wall serves the practical purposes of preventing erosion and offering vertical stability in addition to having a natural appearance. The natural rocks relieve water pressure by allowing water to flow freely behind and through the wall, stabilizing the earth. Natural stone retaining walls are frequently chosen to provide texture and a sense of permanence to an outdoor space, but they are typically also a sensible choice.

Our team at Pittsburgh Retaining Walls have years of experience constructing stone retaining walls in Pittsburgh PA and the surrounding areas. If you’re not sure what kind of retaining wall you want or need, we are happy to help you choose a retaining wall that will fit the function or asthetic you’re looking for. Give Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors a call today.

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