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Wood Retaining Wall Contractors Pittsburgh PA

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Most timber or wood retaining walls in Pittsburgh PA fit in with the environment more organically than any other material because of Pittsburgh’s landscape. The wood carries the materials of the house into the landscape for a more cohesive effect when stained to match a log or cedar-clad structure. They are especially lovely in the woodland garden because they are made of similar trees which surround the area.

Wood Retaining Walls Are Less Expensive

Timber retaining walls are the most popular options in most circumstances due to their straightforward design and affordable price. A short slope that may erode or become unstable over time can be managed by our team at Retaining Wall Contractors Pittsburgh by utilizing a wooden retaining wall. A lighter variation of the wooden retaining wall has recently been used in numerous new landscaping projects due to the increased popularity of raised bed gardens.

Soil health and preservatives

There are worries that the toxins in railroad ties will seep into the nearby earth. As a result, they’re losing popularity in raised bed food gardens. In fact, a lot of organic gardeners are worried about the leaching of all wood preservatives, even those found in freshly pressure-treated lumber. For this reason, foundation grade redwood or cedar, which is more expensive but a healthier option, is the preferable material for food garden applications.

How our team manages wooden retaining wall installation in Pittsburgh PA

Typically, a timber retaining wall is no taller than four feet. There are two main types of building, and each is appropriate for a distinct situation. Our team may utilize horizontal wall planks, typically 2 x 6, with upright stanchions secured in a concrete footing. In the kitchen garden, this is frequently used for raised beds. The alternative approach uses massive timbers—typically 6 x 6—stacked and strengthened with steel rods inserted via grade-drilled holes. Deadmen, or extensions behind the wall, extend back into the slope and offer additional support against bowing. The ideal construction technique for your landscape application will be chosen by our team at Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors.

If properly constructed with the right materials, waterproofing, and preservatives, a timber wall can last for at least 20 years. The wood’s inherent vulnerability is that it is prone to decay because of substantial wood to earth contact. Weight and rot are often what lead to failure since there is moisture in the earth, which raises lateral earth pressure. Compared to block or concrete walls, wood walls have a shorter lifespan due to their susceptibility.

wood retaining walls pittsburgh pa

Timber retaining walls are the most popular retaining wall option in most circumstances due to their straightforward design and affordable price.


Keeping Moisture Issues at Bay


Our wooden retaining wall builders in Pittsburgh will pay particular attention to water where it collects and pools both on top of and beneath the wall to ensure that your timber wall lasts as long as possible. Wood decomposition is accelerated by moisture buildup, hence drainage systems and overall wall grades at the top and bottom are crucial.


The ideal kind of wood for these walls is pressure-treated Douglas fir that has been preservative-treated to fend off decay. It will be graded for earth-to-wood contact and will be green or brown in hue. Railroad ties are a popular substitute for massive timbers in timber walls since they might be prohibitively expensive. With additional weight and solidity, these recycled ties are more economical than new lumber. Creosote and potentially hazardous wood preservatives are extensively applied to railroad ties. The drawbacks include a chemical odor that develops when heated by the summer sun.


Our wood retaining wall contractors will typically cover the timber in a layer of waterproof sheeting to protect it from direct contact with fill. Behind the wall is likewise packed with gravel, especially at the bottom where water collects during rainy weather. A French drain that diverts water to one or both ends of the wall so it won’t accumulate is made of perforated tubing and extends the length of the wall. Even though some walls do have weep holes at the bottom, this will reduce the life of the wall because of the rot-prone circumstances brought on by constant moisture penetrating the wood and spreading from these spots.


Overall, wood retaining walls are an excellent choice when containing soil, dirt or landscaping. Before deciding on a wood retaining wall, we recommend talking to our wood retaining wall installers while choosing the best option for your particular situation. To get the discussion started, call Pittsburgh Retaining wall contractors to schedule a free consultation.


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