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Concrete Retaining Wall Contractors Pittsburgh PA

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You’ll find concrete retaining walls in Pittsburgh PA along freeways, and here you may discover  perhaps the best examples of poured concrete walls every day during your commute. You can really appreciate the ability necessary to mold and pour a beautiful wall by watching any of these processes in action. This procedure has so many potential pitfalls that finding a workable solution for residential concrete landscape retaining walls can be challenging.

Poured concrete walls look excellent with the architectural features of a modern Pittsburgh home, but they can be difficult to construct.

Concrete retaining walls and the difficulties involved

Due to the complexity of a concrete retaining wall, fine poured concrete work is typically avoided by landscape contractors in regions of frequent rainfall or extreme weather and stone or block concrete walls are used. In Pittsburgh during the winter, Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors do not recommend nor do we construct concrete retaining walls. We try to avoid pouring concrete because of the harsh weather conditions. Cracks are a major issue when the weather drops below a certain temperature; yes, you can patch them, but it’s difficult. Since there is no long-term solution, we view the entire wall as a loss.” However, in areas with moderate or warmer climates towards the south of the United States, pouring concrete year round shouldn’t be a problem.

The CEO of Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors emphasizes the significance of hiring qualified concrete contractors. “The forms must be flawless. Otherwise, you run the chance of a wave or wall bulging. This kind of variance can be harmful in situations when rigid geometric forms are required. In addition, the concrete must be carefully tamped if the wall is to support a smooth surface. Because there is so much steel inside retaining walls—a ton of rebar is connected into massive footings—that is difficult to accomplish.”


Poured concrete walls look excellent with the architectural features of a modern Pittsburgh home, but they can be difficult to construct.

CMU blocks versus poured concrete


Because poured concrete is so difficult to work with, it is unusual to find it in the Pittsburgh residential landscapes. The use of a CMU core and more dependable retaining wall solutions has allowed landscapers to create stunning looks without incurring additional costs or running the danger of damage. Even though it’s a difficult medium to work with in our area, some of Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors clients request the use of concrete retaining walls because their houses exterior architecture uses concrete and concrete is the obvious solution to extend the features of the house.


Our Pittsburgh concrete retaining wall installers can achieve a look that resembles and imitates concrete by plastering CMU core blocks. “We utilize block that has been plastered with a firm trowel to give the appearance of poured concrete. We also like to use smooth stucco since it has an excellent appearance. However, if the masonry isn’t of the highest caliber, we’ve experienced some issues with these coatings on block walls crumbling at the mortar joints below.”


Reinforcement and Footings for Concrete Retaining Walls


If our concrete retaining walls team in Pittsburgh pours a concrete retaining wall, we will make sure there are enough footings and steel. For example, on a plastered wall, if waterproofing fails and moisture results in a small discoloration of the wall’s face, the plaster may be removed and the seepage can be fixed, restoring the concrete retaining wall d to its original appearance. Such an issue with poured concrete is terrible in comparison. Poured concrete walls can also be finished with a board-formed appearance to create incredibly organic and inventive finishes.


Depending on the type of concrete retaining wall selected by the Pittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractors team, the footing will protrude either from the front or the back of the wall. The nearby plant life at the wall’s base is affected to some extent by this. Lawn drainage issues might be caused by excessively big footings that protrude far enough from the wall. Additionally, it stops shrub and tree planting holes from being dug. To account for such restrictions, our concrete retaining walls designer will match the footing’s size and measurements to any paving or landscaping that runs along the retaining wall’s face.


Popular Retaining Wall Types

Here are some common types of retaining wall installation in Pittsburgh PA

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